1. Formation of APMI is a manifestation and testimony to the rising prominence of SEBI regulated portfolio managers as a preferred service provider for affluent investors to access the capital markets in a transparent and regulated fashion.

  2. APMI will be the dedicated face of the PMS Industry with a view to providing a common interface to regulators, government agencies, industry participants, intermediaries, investors and other stakeholders alike for conduct of the industry in an orderly organized manner.

  3. Through this interface APMI will strive to protect and promote the interests of the portfolio management industry and its investors.


POLICY FORMULATION: To play a role in helping the regulator develop and other government agencies as well as market intermediaries evolve operating policies for and on behalf of the members in a manner conducive to orderly functioning and growth of the industry. Further, to guide members and industry participants for implementation of policies and related control mechanisms.

INFORMATION DISSEMINATION AND KNOWLEDGE REPOSITORY: To impart knowledge on related topics and latest developments impacting the industry via industry experts and experts from allied domains. To act as a repository for industry data and enable availability of information at an industry level to all stakeholders. To act as the first port of call for new entrants in the industry and for prospective PMS managers for providing guidance and know-how on setting up a regulated practice.


To present a coherent view and perspective of the industry through varied communication activities, to the public at large with an aim to imbibing confidence.


To define and maintain high professional and ethical standards in all areas of operation of the portfolio management industry with a view to protect investor interest. To recommend and promote best business practices and code of conduct to be followed by members and all others engaged in industry activities.